The Odd Summer of 2020

Hey there. It’s been while since we’ve posted but it’s because, thankfully, we’re BUSY.
At Tumblehome we’re still wearing masks inside, washing our hands frequently, wiping down surfaces regularly, and keeping some space between us. Hope you’re all doing the same and staying safe.
The Boatshop is open, and we are requiring visitors to join us in wearing face coverings inside. Our public space, the Boathouse, has just opened with a new exhibit featuring the Sound Inter Clubs, the 1926 racing sloops we’ve become known for restoring. Learn more about the iSc here.
We’re still not planning on any in-person events this year, sadly. We’ll all miss the good food, drink, and conversation. Of course, all the boat shows we regularly attend were cancelled this year, too. So that has left us working on boats!
Thanks to all of you who’ve checked in on us over the past months. We’re pleased that all our staff is still with us, working hard as ever. Nobody missed a paycheck, and no one will. We’re planning on emerging from this stronger than ever and we have our incredible clients and friends, and our amazing crew, to thank.
Take care of yourselves and others,
Cynde and Reuben