The Right Talent

Wooden boatbuilding and restoration requires an approach that is careful and thoughtful, based on years of experience. The crew at Reuben Smith’s Tumblehome Boatshop are a group of talented individuals with a headstrong commitment to their craft.

Reuben Smith

As owner/boatbuilder of Tumblehome Boatshop, Reuben grew up in a boatbuilding family, and has been working on wooden boats since about 1981. He has reestablished the Tumblehome Boatshop to focus on the high-end restoration and new construction of historic and classic wooden boats.

Nick Biles

Nick Biles is an experienced boatbuilder with a range of shop skills. Nick’s experience in historic boatbuilding, plus his skills in traditional and modern wooden boat construction suit him well at Tumblehome. His easy manner and passion for the craft make him a natural at the boatshop, where he leads the crew as shop foreman.

Sean O’Neill

A highly talented woodworker and dedicated boatbuilder, Sean is indispensible in the boatshop. Sean and Reuben first started working together at Reuben’s old shop in Kingston, Massachusetts and then at Hall’s Boat Corp. in Lake George.

Tucker Ainslie 

Tucker comes to Tumblehome Boatshop, having attended the International Yacht Restoration School (IRYS) during the Covid pandemic. He carries a B.T. in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Canton, plus experience in CAD, and brings solid woodworking skills and boatbuilding knowledge to his work at Tumblehome.

Noah Cass
A graduate of the International Yacht Restoration School (IRYS), Noah brings solid woodworking skills and boatbuilding knowledge, including work on sail craft, to his work at Tumblehome. He attended the California Maritime Academy and carries a B.A. in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs.