Systems and Power Refit

Tumblehome Boatshop is equipped to bring the systems—for us, this generally refers to the boat’s wiring and electric equipment—to the best and most modern standards, all while keeping the appearance and character of the original boat intact.

Essential gear such as bilge pumps, blowers, modern fuel systems, fire suppression systems, etc were not original equipment in the nineteen-teens and twenties, but no boat owner today should put their family on a boat without these essential systems, and they must be properly installed.

Here are some examples of modern marine systems that we recommend:

  • Arid Bilge units that keep your bilges dusty dry, yes, even with your original runabout bottom
  • Alarm systems that will message your phone if something is amiss
  • Alarm systems that will alert you immediately if your raw water supply is not flowing to your engine
  • Displays that tell you the exact state of charge of your batteries, and where and how much energy is flowing from them
  • Shore current systems must be protected by ELCI breakers, and all wiring in the boat will have overcurrent protection, as well as fuses or circuit breakers to protect the devices

Modern Marine Engines

We also can refit your boat with a modern engines, or rebuild, tune and reinstall an antique engine. Sometimes, dropping a modern engine into a boat, and changing the propeller, weight distribution and power can give less than perfect results. The boat may become less maneuverable at low speeds with the propeller and modern engine requires; she may be pressed to run faster than designed and become less stable; and she may even lose efficiency with the new engine. The character of the engine is very important to the overall character of the boat, and sometimes modern engines can make a classic boat feel ordinary.

Electric Motors

At Tumblehome Boatshop, we specialize in installing electric drives as replacements motors. Often times electric motors are the only way to recapture the high-torque, and low RPM feel of the boat when she was new.

We are aware of how important your baby—your boat, and her engine—is to you, and our installations are done using the best practices, and proper materials available today, from the cooling system, fuel system, exhaust, to the wiring and controls. We take great care with aligning the engine and prop shaft, and ensure all through-hull fittings are secure and leak-fee.

Learn more about our work here on the Electric Marine Propulsion page.