The COVID-19 Era: Times Like These Pull Us Together

We wanted to reach out to all our friends and followers this week to say hello and, most importantly, wish you good health and good luck in steering clear of the coronavirus.
At Tumblehome we’re washing our hands frequently, wiping down surfaces regularly, keeping some space between us, and those who can are working from home. Hope you’re all doing the same.
While we work hard on our clients’ boats, we’ve closed our public space, the Boathouse, for the time being and are limiting the contact we have with others by keeping our boatshop doors closed and not encouraging visits.
We’ve also cancelled our Saturday Shop Talk events throughout the spring. For now we’re taking it day by day, understanding that things may change quickly.
Let’s all do what we can to support the small businesses near us who will suffer during this crisis, as well as supporting each other and keeping in touch.
Take care of yourselves and others,
Cynde and Reuben