Boathouse at Tumblehome

The Boathouse at Tumblehome is our new exhibit and storage space, right next door to the boatshop.

When it opened in 2015, the Boathouse featured a museum-style exhibit of "El Lagarto," the famed Gold Cup raceboat, which had left its prominent display at the Adirondack Museum for the first time in 50 years. Later, it featured "Echo," a 1926 Fay & Bowen, also on loan from the Adirondack Museum. 

Today, the Boathouse showcases two extremes: "Stella Blue," the new Tumblehome 24 custom speedboat we built for a client on a nearby lake, plus "Achilles," a 1926 Fay & Bowen junior runabout we restored (including its correct restored period engine) for a client on Lake George. 

Future exhibits will feature special boats, predominantly historic and classic boats that we work on.